Saturday, December 8, 2012

Journey to Ushuaia

Jackie Jaeger
8 Dec 2012

Our journey from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia was one for the record books. My traveling companions: Michelle Baker, Margret Wilson, Steve Roberts, Susan, and Mike Melcher all arrived promptly for our 2:50 pm flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. Steve and the Melcher’s were fresh off a two day flight from the United States and were looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Michelle, Margret, and I had two very full sightseeing days in Buenos Aires.

Little did we know that when we greeted each other in the airport that our three hour flight to Ushuaia would turn into a two day journey. Much like the characters on Gilligan’s Island we were stranded in the Buenos Aires airport.  Once, we finally got into the air for Ushuaia (after another delay of 3 hours) we fell asleep.  Margret thought we were all ready there even though we were still on the tarmac.  Flying into beautiful Ushuaia made us somewhat forget our bad experience.  We spent the night there and walked about the city today.  We all boarded the ship and entered the Beagle Channel.  We are heading for the dreaded Drake’s Passage now.  Please stay tuned!

South American Travel Tips-

  • If you must arrive at your destination allow an extra two days each way.
  • Make sure you know how many airports are in the city you are visiting.
  • Just let your Taxi driver figure out the tip he wants you to give him.
    Don’t worry he will tell you.
  • Ignore all signs at the airport gates.  They don’t match and the gates are not assigned until a plane pulls up.
  • Cars will not stop for you when crossing a street.  However, they will give you a courtesy honk.
  • Everything is within a ten minute walk at least that is what everyone will tell you.
  • If you want something quick to eat forget it.  Meals take about four hours to complete and they don’t start serving dinner until around 9:00 pm.

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  1. Hello Ms. Jagear,
    Our class is reading Balto, The Dog who Saved Nome. It is in the North Pole, but we have arctic books we can read. Have you seen any penguins, snow leapords, and polar bears? How cold is it there? In Balto, it got 30 degrees below zero. We miss you a lot. Have a safe trip home. Can you bring us something? Can you take a picture of a penguin for us?
    Rm. 95