Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Leaving Las Vegas

Sharon K. Schafer
4 Dec 2012

Traveling by air seems to be equal parts magic and luck. It is pure magic that one can load themselves into a “tin-can-with-wings” and fly across the country in just a few hours. The luck part come in where you need everything to go right – with no weather delays, no missed connections, and enough precious luck that everything mechanical keeps working properly. Today was our lucky day… everything went off without a problem.

Peg and I left Las Vegas at 2:50 pm 4 Dec and flew to Houston, Texas. Caught our overnight 9 pm flight to Buenos Aires and arrived the morning of 5 Dec at 10:15 am. Grabbed a taxi from the Buenos Aires International Airport 60k across town to the Buenos Aires domestic airport for a 2 pm (local time) flight to Ushuaia. Arrived Ushuaia a bit sore, grumpy, and weary from a day and a half of marginal airplane food and cramped seating, which was near torture for anyone over about 4 foot tall. Caught a taxi to Hotel Altos-Ushuaia checked in, and finally dropped our bags on the floor about 3 pm local time. We had finally arrived at the southern-most city in the world, having flown nearly 9,000 miles in just over 30 hours.

Clothing list:
Light weight Long Underwear - 2 Pair
Heavy weight Long Underwear - 2 Pair
Heavy weight Waterproof Bibs -1
Heavy weight Windstopper Fleece Pants -1
Pullover Fleece top – 2
Long Sleeve Polyester T shirt – 2
Short Sleeve Polyester T shirt – 3
Light Weight Fleece Jacket - 1
Pants – 2
Sock Liners - 3 Pair
Heavy Socks - 3 Pair
Regular Socks – 2 Pair
Rain Jacket – 1
Rain Pants – 1
Cold Weather Parka -1
Medium Weight Gloves – 2 Pair
Heavy Weight Gloves – 1 Pair
Glove Liners – 2 Pair
Fleece Neck warmer – 1
Fleece hat – 2
Thin Lightweight Ski Mask -1
Ski Goggles -1
Arctic Sport Muck Boots – 1 Pair
Yak Track Pro – 1 Pair
Sleeping Shorts - 2 Pair
Cotton T-shirt for sleeping – 1

Equipment List
Leatherman Tool

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